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We are specialists in deploying safe and reliable IT environments

Best Practices of your IT environment

The role of ICTs as facilitators of infrastructure is unquestionable.

However, in many cases, companies or those responsible for technology areas do not have the personnel, information and time to audit and update their IT architecture to guarantee their operation.


A reliable infrastructure is easier to understand, manage and maintain.


Find a compromise between technological progress, reality and the available budget.



According to the best practices



We have certified engineers


A flexible and easy-to-adjust design will solve the future needs of your business.


Applying reliable technology with a solid implementation and the best documentary support.



More tan 20 years of experience that generate confidence



Proactive, corrective, on site, emergencies 24 x 7 x 365


Unified Infrastructure for proper administration and maintenance.


Availability in each element that is integrated, must be modular and ensure its growth and availability.


Internet for businesses 

with speeds from 

10Mbps to 100Gbps

We make the connectivity of you business and critical mission applications a totally integral , safe and at unlimited transmission speeds.


¨Empresa regulada y concesionada por el IFT¨

Dedicated Internet

​ Dedicated high-capacity Internet access for business critical applications. Reliable connectivity, real bandwidth and no over subscription.

Servicio L2L / Ethernet

Conectividad dedicada hacia todos los sitios de tu negocio de forma privada  y segura, que responden a las necesidades y requerimiento de las aplicaciones que su empresa requiere.

MPLS Service

Connect all the sites of your company differentiating the traffic according to the needs of your business and take full advantage of the contracted bandwidth.

L2L Service / Ethernet

Dedicated connectivity to all the sites of your business in a private and secure way, that respond to the needs and requirements of the applications that your company requires.

Micro Data Center 

Application area

  • • Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s)
    • Branch offices of financial institutions (Banks, Insurance companies)
    • Instant data center
    • Branch offices of government institutions and utilities (Police, Army, Schools, Electricity, Water companies etc)
    • Companies who wants to connect the cloud instead of investing in a big data center
    • Exchange offices & Hubs of Telco’s and GSM companies
    • Remote locations where there is no dedicated IT personnelavailable
    • Manufacturing companies for automation control and IT services
    • Disaster recovery

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Mini Data Center

Application area

  • High density servers exceeding 10 kW

  • Mobile Containers/Shelters

  • Branch Offices

  • Disaster recovery operations

  • Small clinics/hospitals

  • Warehouses

  • Remote installations

  • Temporary installation

  • Mobile applications

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Mobile Container 

Application area

The mobile container provides a protected housing for the server cabinets, power distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system, fire control system, and lighting system. The container performs the following functions:

  • Telecom : Disastery Recovery 

  • Military : Mission critical datacenters  

  • Events : Big sport events and expo organizations 

  • Utility &Government : (Police, Electricity, Water companies etc.)

  • Construction  Sector: Temporary datacenter for big construction sites ( ports , airport )

  • Energy : Oil drilling sites and offshore oil platforms , Electricity and gas utilities

  • Mining  Industry :  Remote locations where there is no established infrastructure

  • Financial Sector: Disastery Recovery

  • Other verticals: Automotive

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Business Units

Our business units are integrated by a group of specialists committed with the challenges that our clients face everyday. In order to achieve success we understand we have to be prepared and updated. Our technological solutions generate value and satisfy our clients entirely.



Continuity and growth for the new digital area


Information Security

We protect your business operation 



Cloud Service

​​Expand your business connectivity at low cost



Innovations and technological advances ask for a positive outcome to business needs


Physical Security

Mitigate the risks to which your business is exposed


Cloud Service

​​Expand your business connectivity at low cost


Technology Partners


We have Certified Engineers in the most important technology brands in the market to

develop safe and reliable IT environments.


About us

KLC integral technology is a company committed to the quality, continuity and success of the projects that make up our clients, we seek to be a strategic ally in the generation of value, dominating the market of Integral Technology Solutions, providing knowledge and experience to your investments of technology.


  • We are a company where people transform their passion into action.

  • Innovative integral solutions that seek to solve the problems faced by our customers.

  • We understand your needs and we join you to achieve your goals.

  • Technological ally that generates confidence.

  • We seek to understand our clients’ needs by evaluating and providing advice to present the best proposal under a cost-benefit analysis.

  • We care about building trust and guaranteed satisfaction of our standards-based projects.

  • We are a company committed to the seriousness and fulfillment of the scope of projects.


Thank you for contacting us!

Monterrey, Nuevo León

Carretera Nacional 5002  3rd Floor, Interior 304,  Villas La Rioja 

Monterrey, N.L. México Z.C. 64985

Tel: (81) 2719 2252    


Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo

Blvrd Nuevo Hidalgo 102 Col. El Venado  

Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo C.P. 42083

Tel.  (771) 376 9150

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