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Cloud Service

Expand your business connectivity at low cost

We are specialists in deploying safe and reliable IT environments


Enterprise Managed Storage

It is a storage solution as a high performance service, which is provided from a Certified Data Center and offers storage for all critical applications of your company.


Escritorios Virtuales

It is a cloud-based service that offers companies an alternative to remotely access their desks, applications and workstations from any device, regardless of place and time, contributing to better management, operation and security of your business.


Enterprise Managed Backup

Enterprise level managed backup service that allows you to have a profitable, flexible and efficient scheme to recover quickly in case of failures in computing platforms, human errors or simply to consult historical information about your company.


Enterprise C-Computing

It is the public cloud model for consumption of computing, storage and backup resources, which allows flexible and fast access to Virtual Machines (VMs), which through a portal can be quoted, sorted and scaled according to your requirements when you need it, in addition to having access through the Internet or some kind of private connectivity.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

It is a solution that ensures the availability of information about your business, establishing the basis for high availability environments. Based on infrastructure and virtualization schemes, it allows to protect the productive environment in a simple and flexible way with the best recovery times, eliminating the complexity of a dedicated architecture and reducing the high acquisition costs through a payment-for-service scheme.


Enterprise Managed Hosting

It is an offer of dedicated physical servers from our Data Centers (MasS), which allows you to have infrastructure as a service in a security and availability environment, delegating in us the operation and maintenance of the equipment, thus reducing operating expenses and traditional investments in infrastructure.


IP PBX Hosted

Communication system that integrates telephony services for local, cellular and international long distance calls. Functions of an IP switch from the Alestra infrastructure, eliminating operating expenses of a PBX equipment on site.


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