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We make the connectivity of you business and critical mission applications a totally integral , safe and at unlimited transmission speeds.


Our Coverage

Optic Fiber Network

+22 Cities

Mexico main cities and additional 

9 strategic points of the USA

+5000 KM

Of Optic Fiber

Ringed Architecture

Redundant FO network

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated high-capacity Internet access for business critical applications. Reliable connectivity, real bandwidth and no over subscription.


  • Dedicated and symmetric internet

  • Optic fiber infrastructure

  • Capacities from 10Mbps up to multiples of 100Gbps

  • 24x7 Custom Support

  • Ethernet delivery interfaces

  • IPV4 and IPV6 Addressing

  • Clean Pipe, protection against DDoS attacks (Additional Cost)

  • High Availability

  • Dedicated Access

  • Low latency

  • Various peerings with national and international suppliers

  • Tier 1 providers in three different POPs in the United States

MPLS Service

Connect all the sites of your company differentiating the traffic according to the needs of your business and take full advantage of the contracted bandwidth.


  • Differentiation and prioritization of traffic according to the needs

  • Securing the continuity of critical applications

  • Optimization of the contracted bandwidth

  • Costs reduction by having greater network efficiency

  • Delivery of routing equipment on-site

L2L Service / Ethernet

Dedicated connectivity to all the sites of your business in a private and secure way, that respond to the needs and requirements of the applications that your company requires.


  • Optic fiber infrastructure

  • Capacities from 10Mbps up to multiples of 100Gbps

  • 24x7 Custom Support

  • Ethernet delivery interfaces

  • Transparent to any communications protocol

  • Point-to-point connectivity or multipoint point in layer 2

  • Point-to-point connectivity or point to multipoint in layer 2

High Quality Services

The carrier class fiber optic network


  • From 10 Gbps to +500 Gbps, we provide the high capacity connectivity that your business needs.

  • Transparent links, transport with native protocols

  • For use in database replication solutions, storage, high availability applications or latency-sensitive applications.

  • Layer 1 connectivity

  • Minimal information processing which results in lower latency

  • Real transmission capacity at lower latency


New Buildings

Delivery time of 4/8 weeks

edificio2 copia.png

Rushed Buildings

2 weeks delivery time

Internet for businesses 

with speeds from 

10Mbps to 100Gbps


Gracias por información

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