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Information security

We protect your business operation

We are specialists in deploying safe and reliable IT environments


Endpoint Security

Protect your most important assets from the first defense wall.

It block malicius programs and infections in identify and avoid techniques and behavior used in vulnerabilities.


Forensic Analysis

Recover information hosted on digital devices.

Performs data extractions in mobile devices in forensic mode as evidence for the organization.


Intrusion Prevention System

Protect your network from attacks such as denial of services and communications to malicious sites on the Internet.

The "zero day" attacks are the most common at present, a technology such as IPS allows analyzing the behavior of traffic in real time and make a decision.


Next-Gen Firewall

The perimeter protection allows the identification of threats.

Establish a wall between protected and controlled internal networks that can be trusted and external networks that are not reliable, such as the Internet.


Data Loss Prevention

Protect the leak or loss of information in multiple electronic media.

Cassify and control the information generated by the organization, so as to mitigate the risks of exposing the sensitive data of the organization while they are in use, in motion or at rest.


Secure Web Gateway

Manage the use of internet access and maximize the performance of bandwidths.


Prevents unsafe traffic from the internal network of an organization, commonly used when they want to prohibit access to malicious sites or that precede internal policies.


Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and anticipate the vulnerabilities found in the organization.

Our solutions allow analyzing assets in the infrastructure in search of potentially dangerous vulnerabilities.



Secure communications on email and physical devices through secure encryption.

The encryption of communication channels and physical devices allows to preserve the integrity of the information.


Penetration Testing

Review your assets based on a methodology or compliance.

It is a practice to test a system, network or web application in search of vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Provides a photograph of the status of the network or active in the subject of security.

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